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I wanted to touch base as we have made a decision on what would have been our October-December 2020 season. After waiting and hoping for the past few months, and not seeing a let-up in the current restrictions in the near-term, we have decided to cancel the season.

We did not come to the decision lightly and will miss everyone for a few more months…but we hope to be back at it in late September/early October for Season 15 of Shooting Stars. Although we cannot be certain of the future, we are looking forward to some light at the end of the tunnel with the lockdowns.

We will keep everyone in the loop as we get closer to the season.

Stay safe! We hope to see everyone as soon as possible!

Coach Rick
c760 504-7242



Built From the Ground Up

Rick and Emmie Clark were looking for a way to introduce their autistic son to basketball, but without the speed and endless rules of a standard game.

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Safe Environment for Your Child

We promote a non-competitive environment so that your child will feel comfortable playing with their buddy as well as their teammates.

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