Meet the Clark Family

The SMYBB Shooting Stars program was started by Rick and Emmie Clark as a vehicle for their then 7 year son Jacob to enjoy the game of basketabll.  They tried typical basketball, but the speed of the game and rules were too much for their highly functioning autistic son to handle.  Having coached special needs soccer they set out to design a program that would make a difference for their son and other kids like him… and SMYBB Shooting Stars was born.

SMYBB Shooting Stars Special Needs Basketball was created as an inclusive program designed for children ages 5-22 with a variety of disabilities (including Autism, Down Syndrome and other physical and mental disabilities) to learn and enjoy the game of basketball in a fun, non-competitive environment.

SMYBB Shooting Stars Special Needs Basketball Mission:

Our mission, just like the other San Marcos Youth Basketball Divisions, is for kids to hve fun and learn the fundamentals of the game of basketball in a recreational, non-competative environment.  The idea is to teach the kids with special needs the game of basketball without the pressure you might see on other teams, to feel a sense of accomplishment, and of course, to have fun.

Why This  Program is Unique:

What makes this program unique is that it gives a team of players and a defined group of buddies (some 1:1 and some floaters) a chance, over 9 weeks, to interact with each other in a way that many never otherwise present itself.  The players get o be a part of a team in an environment that promotes stability, social interaction and the repetition that special needs many times crave.  The buddies get to see that the special needs kids are fun to be around and true bonds of friendship are forged.  We get to see the impact these kids have on each other every season when we have our “meet and greet”, which is the season opening event.  Players and buddies that may not have seen each other since last season are all smiles and they pick up right where they left off!

More About Us

Shooting Stars by the Numbers

Since our very first season in 2006, we’ve added more players, more buddies and more coaches every year.  We think this is a direct result of how much fun the kids are having.  The friendships they make last a lifetime, and the impression they make on their buddies and on the rest of us are sure to never be forgotten.  Shooting Stars has come a long way from the 8 players our first season!

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