(from The San Diego Union Tribune)

SAN MARCOS – The first time Reed Albright went to a basketball game, he decided he wanted to watch instead of participate.

That decision lasted all of six minutes.

Now, Reed and 55 of his friends can be found at Corky Smith Gym in San Marcos every Sunday, playing and volunteering for San Marcos Youth Basketball and their Shooting Stars Basketball program.

Founded two years ago, the program was created so children with disabilities could learn and enjoy the game of basketball. Shooting Stars is designed for children with a variety of disabilities, including autism, Down syndrome and other physical and mental disabilities.

Nine-year-old Reed has been in a wheelchair since he was 3, after he suffered a stroke while undergoing surgery for a congenital heart defect.

“He was a little apprehensive at first,” said Reed’s mother, Julie Albright. “Now he loves it.”

In his most recent game, the San Marcos resident had six assists and three points in a 88-10 win over the coaches and volunteers.

Reed’s favorite part of playing was an easy choice.

“Shooting hoops and making hoops,” he said.

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